butterflies (Pre-School 3+yrs)

In the Butterfly rooms and garden we have up to 32 children, aged 3 years plus. We have up to five members of staff within the butterfly class, who station themselves within the different areas of learning and outdoor space, allowing children to fully explore their free flow environment.

The pre-school children are given continuous opportunities to access equipment and resources for themselves in encouraging and developing their self-help skills. This supports the children with the transition from pre-school to Reception (School). The staff plan daily child initiated activities based on their individual and group interests. Two adult led activities per day are also developed based on interest, and this is to ensure children begin to settle in to the idea of listening to an adult and following instructions in preparation for the school environment. These activities are made as fun and as interesting as we can to ensure children enjoy taking part. The curriculum goals we follow lay secure foundations for future learning and our main aim is that each child is given the opportunity to develop to the best of his or her own potential. We make good use of the local amenities and encourage the help of parents and other family members who may be able to contribute towards our projects and interests.

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