grasshoppers (Baby Unit, 0-2 yrs)

The baby unit, known as 'Grasshoppers', provides a homely environment for up to fifteen babies, from birth to two years. These classrooms are on the first floor and are large, bright and airy. We have an area for feeding and messy play and separate areas for sensory play, general play, reading, quiet time, sleeping and other activities. We have up to five dedicated members of staff in the baby room, headed up by our Grasshopper Room Leader. In this room, we very much cater for the individual needs of the child and follow the parent's normal routine. Many of the activities and the equipment used, are designed to encourage learning through stimulating their primary senses of sight, hearing, touch and smell and they are encouraged to relate to each other and to the adults. We have a kitchen specifically for the baby room and a dedicated baby and toddler garden to the rear of the property.

Before a baby starts with us, we welcome parents to visit with their baby for settling in sessions (this is encouraged in all groups). This ensures greater consistency and exchange of information for when your baby starts. Once with us, each child has an online Learning Journey where staff record key observations and map each child’s development. We also use ParentAdmin (downloadable app) to inform parents of their child’s day with us. The Care Diaries on the app include food intake, nappy changes, sleep records and pictures, we then also provide a verbal handover at the end of a child’s session with us.

Nappies, wipes, sudocrem, snacks, hot lunch and high tea, are all included. Meals can also be blended/ mashed/ cut to meet each individual baby’s weaning need. We can also store breast milk if mum is still breastfeeding.

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