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Groups Overview

The school is divided into four care groups according to age, one of which being our baby unit for children from birth to approximately 18 months and which has its own sleep and sensory room. These groups vary in size from 9 to 16 children with up to four members of staff in each.

Each group has a room leader who oversees the running of the group and each child has a Key worker with whom to relate.

The children progress through these groups during their time with us, developing the various skills, attitudes and levels of maturity until they embark on pre-school activities in the Butterfly group during their final year with us.

Each group has a well-structured session, including free play and child-initiated activities which also includes time outside the classroom in both the art room and the gardens.

Some of the activities during a session may include:

  • Singing, games, dance, drama and role play
  • Story time and exploring books
  • Visits to the library, local shops and surrounding areas
  • Creative activities include: messy play, water play, sand play, painting, gluing, wood work, playdough and modelling

We follow the government based framework for early learning, throughout the nursery and pre-school, called the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). More information on the EYFS structure can be found here.

Art & Craft Room

We have a large separate art and craft room for the whole nursery to use. In this room the children are able to do painting, drawing, cutting & gluing, play dough, cooking, water play. We also have three children's toilets for the older children to use.

Baby & Toddler Garden

We have a separate baby and toddler garden dedicated to just the Grasshopper and Ladybird groups. This space is safe & secure and offers a wide range of age appropriate equipment for the babies and toddlers to use, for example, chalk boards, sand table, water table, slides, cars, sit on toys and ball games. We also like to teach the children about planting and growing flowers and these are kept in the garden for the children to water and take care of.

Nursery & Pre-School Garden

We have a larger garden for the Bumblebee and Butterfly classes to use. Again, this garden is completely secure as we lock the front gate when the children are playing in the garden. We have a wide range of age appropriate equipment for the older children to use, including a climbing frame, den, playhouse, outdoor train set, water and sand trays, climbing frame, physical education equipment, trampoline, scooters and cars. We also have a fruit and vegetable patch where the children are able to grow their own food.

Staff Ratios

The staff ratio's for all nursery schools providing childcare is as follows. For children:

Under 2:

The ratio is 1 staff member to every 3 children

Aged 2-3:

The ratio is 1 staff member to every 4 children

Over 3:

The ratio is 1 staff member to every 8 children

We always work to these ratios as a minimum and will quite often have additional staff over and above the minimum requirement in terms of ratios and qualified staff.

A Typical Day

Once the children move up in to the Ladybird room, they start to follow more of a routine. Below is an example of what a typical day at our nursery might look like.

8:00 am  Free play

9:00 am  Adult led / Child initiated activities

10:00 am  Art & Craft room

10:30 am  Healthy snack

11:00 am  Garden time

11:30 am  Story time

11:45 am  Lunch

12:30 am  Quiet time

1:00 pm  Free flow garden time / art & craft room

2:00 pm  Adult led / Child-initiated activities

3:00 pm  Healthy snack

3:30 pm  Story time

4:00 pm  Free play

4:30 pm  Tea

These activity times may vary slightly between classrooms depending on the group, as some of the facilities are shared.


Rainbow Corner Nursery School has been awarded 5* by the Food Standards Agency. We do not provide meals, however we are able to heat food up. All food that is provided by the parents is labelled and stored in the fridge.

We do ask that you do not provide any meals that contain nuts due to allergies of other children. We do provide a healthy snack twice a day, of either fruit, carrot, crackers, pitta bread for example. We also provide either water or milk. As the children get older they are given a choice of which snack food and drink they would like.