ladybirds (2-3yrs)

The children transfer from the baby unit to the Ladybird group around their 2nd birthday and remain in this group until around their 3rd birthday. In this class, we have up to 16 children with four members of staff. Once in the Ladybird group, the children continue to be encouraged in making their own choices of play and activities. They are given a lot more responsibility in the sense of choosing their area of play, whether this be inside or outside. Children are encouraged to interact with each other and take part in more health and self-care opportunities, for example putting on their own coats, and developing their toileting skills.

Each day consists of a variety of indoor and outdoor activities, developed through the children’s interests. Those children who still require a daytime sleep, are given time in the afternoon to put their heads down if they wish to, on individual sleep mats. One of the rooms is closed down with lights off, to allow the children some quiet time to regain their energy in preparation for the rest of the day.

After a child turns 2 years, the staff working with the child give the parent's a written summary of how the child is progressing against the 3 prime areas of learning:

  • Communication and Language
  • Physical Development
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development

This is called the progress check at age 2. The check will highlight areas where a child is progressing well and anywhere they might need a little extra help or support – and how parents and other family members or carers can work with the Key person to achieve this. Parents often find it useful to share the information from the check with other professionals such as Health Visitors.

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