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Parents As Partners

Parents as Partners' is a commitment to the EYFS principle of 'Positive Relationships'. Parents are the first educators of their children. Our aim is to support parents in their essential role. We do this by involving parents in all aspects of their child's welfare, learning and development. At Rainbow Corner we very much operate an 'open door' policy and parents are given information on a regular basis about their child's progress and have an opportunity to discuss this with their Key person.

We also welcome the contributions of parents, in whatever form this may take. For example, we recently had a 'Dads to Nursery Day', where all dads, granddads, uncles or male carers were invited to the nursery to participate in a number of activities, such as sand and water play, bug hunt and planting sunflowers. We also send regular newsletters and emails to parents notifying them of changes, updates or general information. We provide a parents noticeboard and information sharing area where we distribute local magazines, local events news and general information. For further information on how we communicate with parents click here.

Some More Testimonials

"I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to all of the nursery staff that have looked after Isobelle so well in the past 6 months. The nursery is a homely, welcoming environment and I know she will be sad to leave (never mind me!). The staff are always so friendly, smiley and pleased to see the children in the mornings, and I know her development has increased since being with you in the nursery via the wide range of activities she gets to be involved in each day - I think I had better make sure there is an Art Room in our new house to keep her entertained! I just hope that I am able to find another nursery for her to settle into so quickly! Once again, many thanks for being such a great place for Isobelle to start her nursery experience."

Hannah Lane, 1st July 2013

"Alba loves coming to nursery and playing with her friends and participating in all of the activities. I have always felt as a parent that Rainbow Corner has my daughter’s safety as paramount and I have never worried about bring her to nursery. Since being at nursery Alba has become more confident and adaptable and has also become very bossy! I would recommend Rainbow Corner Nursery to any parent for their child."

Geraldine Horn, 3rd May 2013