settling in

When a child first joins the nursery we work with you to ensure they are fully settled and happy. Parents' initial visit with their child is to discuss the child's specific needs and routine. An 'All About Me' record is completed with the key worker and parent, this is to establish a sound knowledge of the child's interests and current development.

We suggest the child has on average two to three settling in sessions, however, this is very much dependent on how well the child settles. Children moving between groups are given opportunities to make numerous visits, to ensure a smooth transition and to match the child with a suitable key worker.

Key Workers

Each child is given a key worker. This key worker is a member of staff from within the classroom and so that person will change as the child moves up through the nursery. The key worker is there to support the child, monitor and record their development and works very closely with the parents. Feedback is provided verbally on a daily basis to the parents in terms of how their child has been during the day, what they have enjoyed playing with, how well they have eaten, for example.

In every room we have daily monitoring sheets which records, during each session the child attends, exactly how well they have eaten, how much they have had to drink, what they have taken part in, how much sleep they have had, how much milk they have drank (babies), and any information on nappy changes and accidents. We have a formal meeting three times a year (end of each term) where each parent can meet with their child's key worker, to discuss their progress and to agree on which areas or next stages of development they would like to jointly work on. The key worker is also responsible for keeping a complete record of the child's development on Tapestry in which all parents have access to from home, through a secure server.

Learning Journeys

We use an on-line learning journal called Tapestry in which we record and track children's learning in order to plan for children's individual needs. Learning journeys provide a complete record of the child's development during their time at nursery. Within them we record key pieces of information and key achievements in the form of observations. These observations take place on a daily basis and staff are able to take photographs and videos of your child using the tablet which you can then view remotely at any time. This learning journey will then move on with them when they go to school.

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